Thursday, August 20, 2015

Cecil the Lion - Canned Lion Hunting

Thoughts about the death of Cecil the lion.
Can humanity stoop any lower than to gain the trust of an animal and then kill and behead it in such a cruel manner, all for the love of money and the lust for killing?
In my opinion it is either an emotionally sick person or a coward with too much money who would stoop so low as in the case of Cecil The elderly captive lion, where he has been hunted and wounded for hours before he was finally shot and beheaded.
 Often the killer would pose with his trophy-kill while smiling with satisfaction.

The hunted canned Lion entered the after-world in a state of fear, pain and disillusionment with man.

Most canned lions were reared by humans. They gained their trust. For an animal to die in fear after adopting and trusting human caregiver is a sin that does not celebrate the glory of any God.

There are target shooting clubs offering competitions and video games where they can show off of their shooting expertise.

I would like to introduce the LAW OF KARMA or THE LAW OF CAUSE-AND-EFFECT to all people who value money above the life of the lesser creatures from the wild. This law states that what you do to other will return to you 10 fold. The Bible states that The LORD is slow to anger and abundant in faithful love, forgiving iniquity and transgression, but he won't acquit the guilty. He recalls the iniquity of fathers to the third and fourth generation.
It will take four generations for humanity to totally purge today's transgressions.

You have not only harmed yourself and your family with your greed, you shamed the whole of humanity who shares your transgression and the relationship between humanity and the animal kingdom.
Have you ever wondered why people who steel for a living remain poor or/and spend their last days on earth suffering and in ill health or die from a violent death?

From another angle, perhaps we can consider this in the view of evolution. There were times when the settlers from foreign countries hunted down and killed the native humans for sport, much as is being done to animals today. ….... or has humanity evolved in this respect at all …... if we consider what is happening in the war-zones of Africa?

The above article provides a few issues we, fellow humans can ponder on relating to the evolution of the soul of humanity (the sum total of human consciousness). We need to ask ourselves the question, what can I do about it? After all we cannot stand outside of humanity.

There is compensation; God has a loving and forgiving heart. It is up to humanity to do the same because many transgressors did not realize that they sinned. We need to educate, forgive and strive for a better tomorrow.

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