Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The sound of the African drum


the sound of the rhythm of the beating of her drums which

pulse like blood through her arteries and veins.

From the high mountain tops and deep valleys the sound calls her people to unity.

The drum is the voice box Mother Africa -

It synchronizes to the heartbeat of her people.

Her rhythm stirs their bones to single action.

Her sound calls her people to her breast.

The message beats out loudly:

"Feel the soil on which you stand, my children it's your soil ……

Your continent.

Your Africa

All who stand on it are your brothers and sisters -

Nurture them, feed them, love them and heal them.

"I am not calling you to war or discrimination against your brother of different skin, tongue or faith.

I call for the war against separation.

I call for the power of unity.

I call back my natural heritage and the sound of nature.

I call back the pride of Africa.


My children I give you all you need to nurture all of you

Export not my rich bounty for a ransom, but feed your starving brothers, sisters and animals first.

Educate my children, nurture them heal them and give them shelter.

Return their strength so they too can dance to the rhythm of my pulse.

One Drum

One rhythm - One action - One continent - One power

One United AFRICA

!ke e: /xarra //ke

16 April 2006

Reviewed 19 May 2007
This post is in a process of being reviewed 17-11-2014

Photograph: From a popular desk calendar sold at stationery shops in South Africa.

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