Tuesday, November 18, 2014

A message from the Ancestors of Africa

Take from the past all that is pure and beautiful and build on it the future.
Let your children never forget their roots.
Protect the wild animals for they carry your past into the future.
Forget not your kingdom, oh children of the African jungle.

Large animals, with horns or tusks, like the rhino and the elephant, are sacred.

Horns and tusks, on living wild animals, are symbols of the African sword, just as the lion is the symbol of our strength and our kingship.
The sword is the symbol of the African warrior our pride and kingdom

The gun is a symbol of the robbers of our land and killers of our people.  The gun is a symbol of slavery and when our children who were torn from our mother’s bosom to far away places for the comfort and pleasure of foreigners.   

The gun is not a symbol of African power.   It is a symbol of suffering and bloodshed.   Hate the gun.

We should despise those who carry guns to kill our sacred symbols in the wild.
Those who rob our sacred symbols are cursed.

The lion is the symbol of our victory, strength and the African way of life.
We despise those who cage the symbols of our strength, or shoot our wild animals for trophies on foreign walls.   We spit on cowards who ride on African power …   dead powers on walls.

Do not forget the old way, children of Africa, as you walk into the future.
Remember where you come from,    we can see our heritage the eyes of the animals in the wild.

Protect those who live wild as you once lived.  Protect those who know the secrets of yesterday, secrets of your free and wild past.

When the lion dies the power of Africa goes to foreigners.

Protect animals with horns and tusks, for they remind is that this land is ours and it is worth preserving.
Wild animals use their horns, or tusks to fight for territory, as our ancestors used the sword to fight for this land.   Land that people with guns robbed from us.   Hate the gun.

African people, may you find a way to bring the power of the jungle, into the global consciousness of your tomorrow.   Preserve the wild animals, carriers of our secrets.   They are sacred.  Africa is sacred.

If the above message sounds believable, believe in its origin and if it does not, regard it as fantasy.   A children’s bedtime story.

Much truth lies hidden in children’s novels.


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