Sunday, March 6, 2016


The black revival of Africa has in the past been linked with a phoenix that arises from the ashes.
Presently the phoenix sits on the ashes of the past, it is time to rise above it and soar.

The phoenix can not build its nest in the ashes of the past pain.
Pain can not go away when one is constantly reviving it.
A wound can not heal when the scab is constantly being scratched open.

Freedom is rising to new heights, not staying grounded or try and retrieve that what is lost.
A phoenix will spread its wings and embrace its freedom.
Freedom is not gained by fighting among one another.

Remembering when Germany embarked on a mission of ethnic cleansing, it was split in two. She had to hide behind a wall for many a decade.

The African settlers, have their ancestry in Europe. The sentiment of the European countries can change easily if their offspring is being suppressed in a war-like situation. The old saying that blood is thicker than water holds every time.
One continent can no longer isolate itself from the rest of the world.

Suppression and racism give the impression of a gorilla civil warfare situation. One can already see the beginning of the snowball gathering momentum when economic giants withdraw their investments from an environment where their kind feels threatened and corrective action may backfire on them.

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