Wednesday, June 25, 2014



Theft and corruption are among the biggest evils in developing nations.    This does not mean that it does not occur in mentally polarized nations, but it is of a different nature.   Thinking people understand that actions have consequences and they are therefore generally (not exclusively), law abiding.

Taking something that one did not work for can have far reaching effects by trapping people and nations in poverty.    Stealing from another, results in negative counter action.

Although we have people from all ‘walks of life’ in all nations, nations are judged by the level of evolvement, of the majority, and the maturity of national leadership.

Jungle law depends on taking from the environment for survival and procreation of the specie.   This is not viewed as theft, in the jungle, but as a means of survival.   Jungle law allows for the strongest of a specie to eliminate the weaker ones.

Poverty, lack of spiritual guidance, absence of birth control and education, traps people, from developing nations, into a living status of urban-jungle-survival.

An urban-jungle-survival lifestyle, places much stress on both the environment and a country’s resources.    So much money and time is wasted on damage control and bringing those who fall foul of the law to justice.   Without a true understanding of national evolutionary psychology, developing nations are fighting a loosing battle against the destructive forces within developing countries, which are today threatening the stability of the earth.

A person (or nation), with jungle mentality, who spent most his/her life learning survival skills, will be a destructive force when in possession of a gun.  He will kill, in order to take what he wants without any remorse.  

Weapons of mass destruction in the hands of primitive people or physically polarized nations can and will be used for war which will results in death, destruction, economic stress, and threaten global may threaten global stability.

Could you imagine an atom bomb in the hands of a developing nation?

The problems of ‘boys’ playing with daddy’s toys’ is already at crises stage.   It can no longer be ignored, but is there anything that can be done to restore equilibrium?

Racism can either be a form of jungle law politics, or a form of protection against a jungle law threat.   -    This is a story for another day.

Please note that this article does not suggest that all developing people or nations are immature or destructive forces.   Some ‘poor’ nations are in fact ancient and are the custodians of secrets forgotten by the developed world.

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